Pipe fittings plant SOYUZ-01

CJSC « Firm « Soyuz-01 » , founded in 1989, the largest specialized enterprise for the development and manufacture of power fittings for nuclear and thermal power plants, gas, petrochemical and other industries. The company has been developing, producing and introducing thermally expanded graphite seals for over 20 years and is one of the leading manufacturers in this field.

During this time, a whole complex of issues has been resolved on the placement of production capacities, the development of design documentation, the establishment of cooperation in forging and casting, the formation of a machine park and much more. CJSC « Firm « Soyuz-01 » is a full cycle production.

The main activities of JSC « Firms « Soyuz-01 » are:

The collective of the joint-stock company consists of highly qualified specialists, most of whom have been working in the field of valves for more than 30 years. Employees of the company published over 200 scientific and technical articles. CJSC Firm Soyuz-01 is a member of the Scientific and Industrial Association of Valve Manufacturers and a member of the European Committee of Industrial Fittings. From 2001 to 2004 CJSC « Firm « Soyuz-01 » More than 30 patents for inventions on reinforcement and sealing elements have been received.

The enterprise has developed and implemented a   quality management system   ISO 9001-2008. Products for nuclear facilities are certified in the ICU system. For thermal energy facilities there are   permissions to use Rostechnadzor .

Thanks to the improved   manufacturing capabilities (having a unique machine park)   ZAO « Firm « Soyuz-01 » has the ability to flexibly restructure production and manufacture special pipeline valves in small batches in a relatively short time and taking into account the special requirements of the Customers.

The use of various technologies in the development of new types of products, continuous improvement of production, improvement of product quality, stable financial position of the plant make it possible to confidently name Joint-Stock Company « Soyuz-01 » reliable business partner for both Russian and foreign customers.

CJSC « Firm « Union-01 » reliable partner and guarantor of high-quality products and attentive attitude to their customers

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