Ду from 200 to 400 мм

Pу from 1,0 to 5,0 Мпа

Т from +200°С to +450°С



Cooling units (OU) are used on technological lines of TPP, TPP, SDPP for cooling the steam to the specified parameters. Steam coolers are installed on horizontal and vertical sections of pipelines behind the reducing steam valve and attached to the pipeline by welding.

Use of Shelter at CHP

  • In the steam surfaces of boilers and superheaters
  • Condenser Steamers
  • Supply of chilled steam for production needs to external customers
  • Various technological lines CHP


  • The design of the steam cooler contains a removable injection device. Convenient for operation (nozzle purge, revision);
  • Provides stable maintenance of the set steam temperature at the outlet with maximum deviations of ± 5 ° С;
  • Erosion wear is significantly reduced due to a threefold reduction in the length of the evaporator section, fine dispersion and intensification of heat and mass transfer;
  • The use of centrifugal nozzles provides a spray of cooling water and eliminates the film flow of moisture in steam coolers and pipelines;
  • It allows you to double the life of the used valves through the use of new technologies and sealing assemblies of thermally expanded graphite (KSU, KSU).

3d model


Technical details



Условный диаметр на входе, dv, мм

100 … 400

Условный диаметр на выходе, Dv, мм

200 … 1000

Производительность, G, т/ч

20 … 400

Параметры пара на входе

Давление, Р0, МПа

до 14 МПа

Температура, t00С


Параметры пара на выходе

Давление, Р1, МПа

по согласованию с Заказчиком

Температура, t10С

по согласованию с Заказчиком

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